Another Story, Another You

The stage is the fictional land of Felicea. You grew up a poor peasant, but one day, a gentleman shows up on your door and tells you that you have inherited an estate. A wide cast of charming characters will be there to support you on your road to learning how to be a proper noble.

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Character image
Genre: Otome romance/adventure
OS: Linux x86・x86_64/Windows XP+/Mac OS X 10.6+
Features: Story-driven gameplay with dynamic events
Stat-raising RPG-like gameplay
Switch between languages during the game
Male and female romance paths (Planned)
Languages: Japanese

It’s up to you how to live your life…

A story that progresses based on your choices

  • Born April 18th
  • 164 cm tall

An aloof guy who hides his true feelings. He strives to be a model aristocrat.

  • Born September 2nd
  • 186 cm tall

An upbeat kind of guy who prefers to be out and about rather than cooped up inside doing his official duties.

  • Born May 6th
  • 179 cm tall

A man who's apathetic about most things. He takes every day at his own pace.

  • Born June 7th
  • 185 cm tall

A guy from another country. He's serious and frank.

  • Born November 5th
  • 177 cm tall

A cheerful guy who is kind to everyone, no matter who they are.

  • Born January 7th
  • 172 cm tall

The studious type who takes every opportunity to deepen his knowledge of all things.

  • Born August 3rd
  • 174 cm tall

Your self-proclaimed fiancé.