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Creating Memorable Products

Our Company Name and Logo

Aoide was one of the three original Muses in Greek mythology. She was the muse of the arts (song in particular). We strive to create works of art with our services, and thus derive our name from her. Just as Aoide brings music and song into the world, we strive to make memorable products that will inspire the hearts of our customers.



Anyone, anywhere, equally. That applies not just to our games, but to the websites we design as well. Our goal is to develop products that are not limited to specific browsers or languages.



The products we develop are not merely for entertainment or tools for information—our games are all about the story and through the system and mechanisms, we aim to broaden the perspective of our consumers as well as give them the opportunity to interact with new technology and ways of thinking while they enjoy our products.



Our products are developed to be used in both English and Japanese, but we aim to incorporate more languages in the future to reach not just Japan but all of the world.

Creating a fun everyday

At Aoide Interactive, we offer professional website design services for both corporations and individuals (e.g. freelancers, performers, etc.) at affordable costs. We also develop and distribute games and software that support consumers in fun and educational ways.

Games that reach a broad audience

Bringing joy through games

The games we develop aim to bridge the gap in various languages and cultures, so that they can be played and enjoyed equally by players all over the world.

Professional websites designed for you

Growing with the times

Let us design your ideal website for a price that won’t break the bank. We also provide additional services such as SEO and support for managing your website.