Greetings from the planning staff for our upcoming game, Romance de Felicea (Romaferi for short)! Today we’d like to talk a bit about our character design process and what kind of work goes into creating characters that we think you’ll love meeting and interacting with.

Before anything was put onto paper, each member of our development team put a lot of thought into what kind of characters should go into the game: what they look like, their personalities, their color schemes, etc. Let’s take a look at how some of the characters evolved into their final forms.

Making character concept art #1
Early illustration of Noel (he didn’t have a name yet)

The design of Noel, one of the secondary characters, probably went through the most revisions, since at first he didn’t have a firm personality or much thought out beyond his concept of being a feminine character. That’s why if you compare the above early illustration to the later, more refined, versions below you can see that his expression and hairstyle look quite different from what they look like now.

Making character concept art #2
Noel close to his final design

In this later concept art you can see that he’s changed a lot! But while his face and expression are closer to what we envisioned for his character, his hairstyle isn’t quite there yet.

Example of a finalized character concept
Noel’s finalized design

We continued to tweak his design until we arrived at the above look, which we feel suits his personality and role in the game. Although both the color and pencil designs are quite similar, if you look closely you should be able to spot various differences both large and small.

Example of character design revision process
Example of image revision (concept art for Raul; not used in the game)

Here’s a bust cut of some final concept art for one of our romance-able characters, Raul. As you can see by the before and after comparison, we were able to create a more appealing character by making minor changes to his size and proportions. If you compare the revised concept art with his in-game sprite you’ll notice that his silhouette is slightly different, but it’s not unusual for designs to be tweaked when making the assets that are actually used in the game.

While we focused on character design in this blog post, the revision process applies to many aspects of game development in general. We’ll reveal more in the future, so check back soon!